Who is Gwebel ?

Mike (known here as Gweener) was born and raised in California. He joined the Air Force in 1988 and was planted in Delaware. His hobbies include flying small planes, juggling, traveling and he likes to dabble in flash animation design.

Jenny (known here as Belbowls) was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Delaware to be with Mike in 1996. She is a freelance graphic designer and plans to go to school for something in the technical field. Her hobbies include graphic and web design, and she is attempting to learn how to keep plants alive.

So, how did they meet? Online [scary, huh?] It all started in a chatroom with the first file I sent him [cricket.wav] and we exchanged files until we both had about 4,000. We got engaged December 16, 1999, when Mike made his first webpage.

Since we were both on the computers every day - even after using one all day at work, he created this (proposal website). The day he made it, I came home from work and instead of getting on the computer I wanted to watch tv. He kept insisting we play on the internet at least a little. I was not in the mood for the internet, I had a crappy day at work - but I was curious, since he was so persistent. We were married on September 1, 2000.

Mike and Jenny both relocated to California (yay!) in July 2003. (Jenny was very glad to get out of Delaware and loves California!)


No kids yet, but we are still trying.


der·i·va·tion n. - The historical origin and development of a word; an etymology.
Gwebel is a made up word, created by combing portions of the two nicknames Gweener and Belbowls.

Gweener is a nickname given to Mike by his mother. It's origin is not known at this time.

Belbowls is a word Jenny borrowed from something said by a three-year-old little boy named Christopher, who when asked what he knew about the bones in his body, replied, "If we did not have belbowls, we could not bend our arms!"